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Author Topic: Soundblaster Live output and kernel 4.14 or recent KDE updates  (Read 3072 times)

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Hi, as I wrote in previous post I tried with a live distro (partedmagic) and everything works fantastic.
Well did you tried it with an actual siduction-live-iso? (never heard about parted magic)

Not tried to change backend,

Test this first.

but I had installed jack previously for an audacity recording session, using stereo line-in and not digital. Eventually I reverted all config to digital-out. At first didn't see any malfunction.

Nevertheless, you are maybe catching the right point: I think I have a horrible mixture of gstreamer, alsa, pulseaudio and jack.

So, besides "apt purge jack", or "dpkg --reconfigure [alsa|pulseaudio]" what else should I clean in your opinion?

Never used 'dpkg --reconfigure alsa/pulseaudio', but long time ago i made my own alsa-config to use two audio cards (an usb one and the build in one, yes that is possible)

Now it should automagicaly work™ with pulse. Don't ask me how or if ;)

I used to use jack  a time ago with pulseaudio and had no problems (testing a synthesizer), but i don't have a soundblaster card and for recording i use my zoom-h5 device connected via usb or stand alone.

Btw. for professional recordings there a much better tools ;).

And did you tried to use the build in "stock sound card"?

You have to choose, if you want to use alsa (the old fashion style with own config) or use pulse audio but not both at the same time.

So boot a "siduction-live-iso", test it and if it's works take a look to the manifest file and grep for pulseaudio and alsa and use the found packages as your standard and remove all other unneeded ones, that i meant with start from zero, and if this is to much work, install the iso and you have a virgin system with a working audio card.

That's all i can say, sorry i cant help you, i am not an audio-linux-freak and i only can give you some hints to look for, like Geier0815 did!

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just for the records, I arrived to the solution of this strange problem... this is the solution:

  • audio card is OK
  • kernel is OK
  • alsa/pulseaudio is OK
  • gstreamer backend is OK
  • all the shit was caused by JACK...
SO after many tries in several configs, an apt purge did the job.
The only question remains... why jack messes phonon up....

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The only question remains... why jack messes phonon up....


I cant answer your question, as I use cinnamon, not KDE.
However, I'm glade you've your sound back.  :)
I using pulseaudio and jack a lot, and I've a Creative Labs EMU10k2/CA0100/CA0102/CA10200 [Sound Blaster Audigy Series].  Both give me no issues at all.
I've created a little script and a systemd service file which handle the interaction of pulseaudio and jack for me.

one of it's advances is that it takes care that the correct sound card will be used by pulseaudio when jack switch off.