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Author Topic: [EN] [Solved]Last 2 days scrolling text and keys executing unwanted commands  (Read 1969 times)


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Last couple of days with no upgrading done for over a week unwanted issues have come up.1) extended text in all apps such as texts editors and browsers will scroll to the end of the line. no matter what I do to get it back to the beginning it scrolls back to the end. Using mouse, home key, arrow key nothing helps.2) ctrl key alone always shrinks font size in all apps. Example: ctrl+s will save page, but until I hit the s the font will start shrinking quickly. ctrl+0 does fix things.If it was M$ I would think a virus. As I am using almost up todate buster not so much.Options I can think of:A corrupted/changed file that is executing commands that is causing this behavior.kernal corrupted and needs a fresh start.Hardware breaking down and need a new computer.What can I do to test which option is the problem? Or could it be something else I have not thought of?
Note: tried e4defrag and did not fix issue have not done fsck yet.
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Might be connected to https://forum.siduction.org/index.php?topic=7206.msg58466;topicseen#msg58466. And it might not be. I would first do a dist upgrade to see if the issue persists. I have no idea why you mention Buster, because we are on unstable, which is ahead of Buster.


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On my boot buster is what shows as my debian version.As for my issue it appears that ~/.kde corrupted. I did take a note of my special shortcuts and widgets, which iin the end were not needed, but you can never tell.
exited desktop.
Code: [Select]
cd /home/****/
rm -r .kde
Note:saving it makes no sense as it is corrupted anyway.rebootedEverything is back to normal and all settings and apps are working as they should.Beauty of it was no special setting were lost and apps lost no info. Took less then a minute once I decided to take this approach.