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Author Topic: [EN] Udisks2  (Read 3572 times)

Offline Colonel Panic

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[EN] Udisks2
« on: 2023/08/21, 12:58:51 »
Hi everyone. I'm in Siduction 22.1 at the moment, and am getting this error message when I try to mount another partition on my hard drive using udisksctl;

"Error connecting to the udisks daemon: Timeout was reached",

and the partition doesn't mount.

Has anyone got a solution for this problem please?

Thanks in advance,

CP .

Offline Colonel Panic

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Re: Udisks2
« Reply #1 on: 2023/08/23, 00:00:27 »
A quick update; I'm now in the new release (Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants), and I have the same problem with this one too. There is a workaround for it though; mount -t (filesystem) (device) (target).
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