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Author Topic: [EN] Wayland  (Read 1196 times)

Offline titan

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[EN] Wayland
« on: 2024/03/03, 11:51:36 »
Given that Wayland is going to be the default for the next Plasma I thought I would give it another try. It seems to work OK with GTK aps using their own scaling  but scaling generally is problematic. I can get the scale right but then I end up with a large mouse cursor on the desktop and panel but it is the correct size within apps and no way the change it. The scaling also doesn't seem to survive a reboot when it resets back to the default of 100%. Seems others have the same problem.

Offline eriefisher

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Re: Wayland
« Reply #1 on: 2024/03/03, 12:40:34 »
Well I don't know about KDE/Plasma but I've been playing with labwc in a vm. It is interesting and reminds me of old OpenBox set up. Which, I gather, is intentional. Nothing survives a restart and you need to have everything set up in .rc files. I will Have to try KDE/Plasma with a Wayland set up. I haven't used KDE in many, many years.

Offline edlin

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Re: Wayland
« Reply #2 on: 2024/03/04, 19:22:12 »
At the moment you can't say a clear yes or no to Wayland.
There are users who use Wayland without any problems and don't want to go back to X11.
And then there are users who miss things in Wayland that worked without complaint in X11.
I myself use KDE/Plasma with X11, for example. I have 8 workspaces set up with the console, browser, mail client, Okular, Mixxx, OpenScad and other applications open. When restarting, all these applications are restored as they were left.
If I switch to Wayland, my desktop looks like a child's room that hasn't been tidied up for months.

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