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xorg-iso/addpkg kde



playing tonight with an installation of xorg.iso.

Just to mention: Trouble again with my de keyboard layout -logitech relatet as I had seen some month before- but this did not happen when I installed the KDE.iso of the last release.

Used addpkg kde. Working fine but I had to install additional packages to get rid of some ugly red fields with white x's in the controll bar and the system part of the control bar.

Packages I additionally  installed: kde-workspace to get the system part fixed, dolphin and konsole.

I would suggest to add these packages to the script.


nope - we don't will do this - the script should read the original pyfll file lists. apt must resolve all things - if not we should fix the script (and i think we will, as it is in a very early state)

ok,  I thought it would be a list for its own.

If I understand "original pyfll file list" right, this is the list which is used for the original kde.iso also?

So I wonder why apt does not install this three packages also.

I'm looking on addpkg script at the moment and try to understand what is happening there, but that may take a longer while, if ever :)


ayla: thats the plan - addpkg should act like pyfll on a installed system. We will see what happend, ~ENOTIME to debug it rigth now.


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