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2018/10/20, 06:28:19


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Thanks vayu
They have been on hold for months. I don't use audacious, so, I never bothered to check up on them. Will take them off hold tomorrow.
Does anyone know if the 2 Audacious holds can be removed? They're buggin' me man ... Heh.
I don't know what problem you're having with audacious but this is the status on my system:
Code: [Select]
$ apt-cache policy audacious
  Installed: 3.9-2
  Candidate: 3.9-2
Not quite ready for me yet.  Apparently freecad has some python qt libraries that haven't been updated, but that's the only package everything else looks good to go.

Code: [Select]
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  freecad freecad-python2 libfreecad-python2-0.17 libpyside2-5.11 python-pyside2.qtcore python-pyside2.qtgui
  python-pyside2.qtsvg python-pyside2.qtwidgets
Hardware - Support / Re: Broadcom BCM4313 problems
« Last post by GoinEasy9 on Yesterday at 05:56:49 »
My EeePc will show the wifi light, and gkrellm, with an active window for wifi. The sta driver didn't show on gkrellm at all. There was no active wifi with it. Right now, b43-fwcutter and its firmware are installed, and as before, it seems to connect, but, is too slow to use.   

Next up will be the broadcom-wl driver. It's also listed for the bcm4313.
I confirm, both my KDE and LXQt installs both updated with no removals.
Does anyone know if the 2 Audacious holds can be removed? They're buggin' me man ... Heh.
Just now updated one KDE system and one LXQt system, and both upgrades completed with zero removals.
I lost my patience did a d-u without problems, no packages removed so I still have my Patience running XFCE  ;)
Thanks, were wondering about it since apt were hesitant.  ;)
How nice that "miracle app" apt keep things on order and tell us when to be patience
apt is why I use debian...
Upgrade Warnings (DE / EN) / [SOLVED] Re: Problem with Chromium update
« Last post by drb on 2018/10/17, 17:50:20 »
The latest version of Chromium has been fixed to solve the problem.
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