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Author Topic: How can deal with experimental repos on Siduction???  (Read 678 times)


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Hi guys, what is the best way to deal with 396.x NVIDIA drivers on Siduction?
I have alrealdy installed everything i need from the experimental repository (including the driver), but i dont know if now i disable this experimental repo or if i keep it and try to configure the apt to give preference to the SID repo, but keeping the experimental enabled (making kind of a hibrid Debian).
What can i do now? Thanks!

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Re: How can deal with experimental repos on Siduction???
« Reply #1 on: 2021/02/23, 13:29:12 »
This must be 2 separate questions, I guess. There are no nvidia drivers in experimental. There are no 396.x drivers in Debian anywhere. Where did you install that from?  Please explain what you mean.
Experimental should have a default priority of 1 so nothing will be installed from there without specifically instructing it. What did you install from there that you think you needed?