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2021/04/15, 13:01:10


Author [EN] [PL] [ES] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [TR] [SR] [AR] [RU] Topic: SOLVED (with workaround) Plasma vs. [s]kernel 4.19.12-towo.1[/s] systemd 240?  (Read 2864 times)

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@seasons - erm, no, we (sid+$foo) are the guinea pigs per definition
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@seasons - erm, no, we (sid+$foo) are the guinea pigs per definition
I do like that, that means that I as a user do a tiny bit of helping the development of debian.

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@seasons - erm, no, we (sid+$foo) are the guinea pigs per definition
@melmarker, we had this discussion before. You can say "erm, no" all you want, but it won't change my opinion that major systemd version bumps screw up more than most packages and in ways that are more than annoying/inconvenient (unbootable system). It also takes longer for the fixes to roll out (longer than towo's kernels, for example). I will be extra cautious upgrading to new major versions of systemd and encourage others to do the same. I'd also like to see systemd prereleases in experimental. That is my opinion. You are welcome to feel differently, but don't expect my opinion to change until the situation does.
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It looks more to me that the systemd upgrade exposed problems with a Debian only patch, apparently works fine on other distros and desktops.
from the bug report in Debian ships a custom patch, which reads the limits from PID 1 and set those for login sessions. So, ultimately, it's both a bug in pam_limits but also kinit, which should behave more sensibly if rlimit is set to a high value.