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Title: wallpaper gallery
Post by: se7en on 2011/12/31, 06:39:39
Hello siduser,

as you all know the siduction release names will always be famous rock songs.
The core team will vote on which design goes in the finale release.
BUT the siduction art team works on more than one design idea for each release.

Since we know that "Art is in the Eye of the Beholder", we would like to:

1. publish the siduction art team wallpaper designs that didn't make in the release
2. inspire the community to send us there own ideas after the release. Please as inkscape or gimp files.

We are hoping this would add up to a nice collection of good wallpaper over the years.
We would add them to our wallpaper gallery at
Please include the name we should publish the artwork under in your e-mail.

As you can see there are 2 folder one called "release_osb" and another called "wallpaper"
The second one contains common siduction wallpaper, the first one are the specific release name wallpapers.
Please help us to fill up the gallery.

please contact either hendrikL at siduction dot net (hendrikL)
or me
se7en at siduction dot net (se7en)
We will uploade your designs to the gallery.

Thanks a lot
Title: wallpaper gallery
Post by: hendrikL on 2011/12/31, 09:11:00

if you want to send us a picture, compress it as tar.gz or tgz or bz2 or zip File.

Thanks in advance and a happy New Year, all the best for 2012 from the art- and siduction-Team.



If you made the Backdrops/ Wallpapers with Gimp, send the gimp-source, like picture_YourName.xcf.

If you made it wih Inkscape send the inkscape source, like picture_YourName.svg.

If you want that all people can use them for different screen-resolutions than send us: in 1600x1200, 1900x1200, 1900x1080 and 1366x768, its optional but it would be great.
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: Creto on 2011/12/31, 15:40:35
As so on. Tar.gz?

They can take if they want wallpapers here

sorry my bad english do not speak your language

Happy new year to all
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: hendrikL on 2011/12/31, 16:30:17
bom dia creto

sorry that i do not speak pt, and my english is bad to.
Maybe some one could translate it for the Brasilien community.

The reason to compress the files is that we both se7en and i do not have a wideband connection, a pidgin with an usb-stick is faster then our connections ;) .

Well we will download the backdrops from your community in the next few days and upload them to the gallery.

One word to the format of the pictures.

If they made with Inkscape with a resolution of 1920x1200 (saved as YourName-pictureName.svg) we are able to transform them, via script, to different resolutions, so that they fit to the different sizes of screens that are out there in the wild, and believe me there are many.

We will find a solution how we can offer then the different picture formats to the community.

One word about the copyright.

All pictures you are sending to us, i mean all the ppl which are sending backdrops, will be published under "CC-BY-SA 3" or GPL 3.
So be carefull if you are using pictures from outside to create a wallpaper, that they are also under CC-BY-SA or GPL or other free licences, because of the lawyers out there which wants to earn money.
Please use only free licenced pictures, so that you and we dont run in trouble.

greetings hendrikL
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: Creto on 2011/12/31, 17:28:29
Hallo Hendrik, guten Tag!

Ich habe über diese Bilder mit der Eule gesprochen, fast alle meine Bilder gemacht werden oder mit GIMP oder Inkscape, einige tatsächlich bekam den Hintergrund aus anderen Quellen, aber nur wenige, vielleicht 2 oder 3 bei den meisten.

Ich werde wiederum alle Bilder, die im SVG-Format verwendet werden können und geben Ihnen News zu dem Thema.

Noch mehr.

(Google Übersetzer)

Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: Creto on 2012/01/03, 00:51:16
HendrinkL wurden in zwei Bilder von zwei verpackt als. Tar.gz geschickt, wenn sie oder ändern möchten ihnen das Gefühl, frei wie.

Happy nem year.
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: hendrikL on 2012/01/03, 09:32:45
hi Creto

please translate your posts into en via google translate.
In german its really funny to read, and thats here is the english part of the forum ;)

Creto send the pictures to nixistda (at), because seems not working for me, its only a bouncer, or how it called, ist not a real email address.

And if i do not get an real account for it, it is senseless for me, sorry.

greetz hendrikL
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: Creto on 2012/01/03, 11:28:13
Hendrik images were sent to your email in compressed. Tar.gz two by two, I sent these images were created entirely by me in Inkscape and Gimp, so has no impediments license is the only image that are outside of the logos and names siduction

Happy new year.
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: Creto on 2012/01/03, 12:52:42
Imagens enviadas para o email

Se gostarem de acompanhar novas postagens aqui

Saudações Brasileiras

Images sent to your email

If you would like to track new posts here

Brazilian greetings
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: hendrikL on 2012/01/05, 11:36:43

Just pushed the backdrops of the the Brazilien community to our gallery.

Thank you Creto for your great work.

greetings hendrikL
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: GoinEasy9 on 2012/01/06, 05:25:41
Yes, thanks Creto.  I'm using seducer.jpg on the right screen of my dual monitor setup.  Looks Great!!!
Title: RE: wallpaper gallery
Post by: Creto on 2012/01/07, 00:21:11
Hello all,

I do appreciate the interest in my images that are modest, but made ​​with pleasure siduction.

thank you

Brazilian greetings
Title: Re: wallpaper gallery
Post by: hhhorb on 2019/01/17, 00:23:20
Found a wall on Reddit that I assume is free-use and added the logo quickly. It looks good... (
Sorry the layers aren't separated, I can redo it if necessary.