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Title: 20 years of KDE
Post by: piper on 2016/09/06, 17:14:27
October 14, KDE celebrates its 20th birthday.

A 20 Year Timeline of KDE (
Title: Re: 20 years of KDE
Post by: Lanzi on 2016/09/16, 23:54:24
My first KDE was probably 3.3 and i worked for some years with 3.5.x
I really liked it. lots of good feelings when I think back :)
Title: Re: 20 years of KDE
Post by: piper on 2016/09/17, 01:46:23
I  still have mandrake 5.2  (leeloo) on cd with the floppy's, manual, etc  (kde 1.0 enhanced), back then mandrake was based on redhat 5.2 (apollo). I stopped using mandrake at version 9 (dolphin)

I have quite a few distro's with kde 1.0 :)

Title: Re: 20 years of KDE
Post by: vilde on 2016/09/17, 21:04:55
I used kde long time also, redhat, mandrake, suse, kanotix and so on but when kde 4 came it became to bloated for my purpose, I jumped over board and landed on xfce.
Title: Re: 20 years of KDE
Post by: titan on 2016/10/13, 21:07:18
What is the point of KDE, it seems to be in continuous development never quite getting there. Some of the K apps are very good but a lot come with piles of unneeded dependencies. It was good to see Digikam with the latest Qt5 version minimising it's KDE dependencies  and probably getting more users as a result, I started using it again a few months back I also use Kwin and  sddm but not much else. I recently thought I would try Plasma-desktop it looks OK but nested menus, twenty years of development and that is  progress ? I also added widgets to the panel but gave up trying to find out how to remove them, something so simple on any other desktop, progress, I don't think so. I stopped using KDE 8 years ago and don't see any reason to go back.
Title: Re: 20 years of KDE
Post by: musca on 2016/10/14, 01:01:21
running a gtk2-based application in a gtk3-based GUI is nothing special.
But did you ever try to install a kde3-based application in KDE4?

Yes, dropping all existing third-party applications in favour of a new GUI is crazy, but it allows to renew all applications.
The newer is better, isn't it?

On the other hand all my favourite apps now are gkt-based ... Uh, oh!

Title: Re: 20 years of KDE
Post by: der_bud on 2016/10/14, 07:48:44
As a birthday present KDE 1 is re-released:
 Phoronix: KDE's 20th Birthday Celebrated By Re-Releasing KDE 1 (
Title: Re: 20 years of KDE
Post by: piper on 2016/10/14, 09:34:02
Danke der_bud  :)