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Title: Advice on email-setup
Post by: effo on 2016/12/27, 00:15:04
I am reviewing my email-setup and I need some advice here.

Since ages I have used POP3 for mail. I have my own domain linked to an account in a web hotel. From there I download all my email to my workstation. This setup was fine until I got my first smartphone about five years ago.

By then I realized I wanted mails in my phone when I was away from home. For simplicity I decided to let GMail fetch my pop3 account but leave all mails on the server. With this setup I got all new mail in my phone while on the road, and when I got home I could download all mails to my workstation.

This has worked fine, with one drawback: if I download emails on my workstation before they are fetched by GMail, the mail won't end up in my phone. Every now and then I realize I need some of these mails and this is really annoying. As email gets more and more important to me, I must find a solution to this.

I have planned to switch from pop3 to imap but this has never happened. But now I realize I must take care of this switch. But before I do this  I think it would be great to hear what setup other users have. It would be nice if you could tell me what your setup is like and give me some advices.

Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: Advice on email-setup
Post by: titan on 2016/12/27, 11:30:44
I have gmail as POP and IMAP ( same account)  so can download to my desktop and read mail on phone. However I now use Tutanota for anything personal. I stared with a few free accounts to see how well it worked and now have a paid account and use my own domain. Mail between Tutanota users is encrypted as is any attachments and you can send an encrypted message to anyone if you agree a password before hand.
Title: Re: Advice on email-setup
Post by: vilde on 2016/12/27, 17:23:35
Here is how I am doing it, if it's good or not, for any one else I don't know.

My mail (imap) is on my own domain, when on computer I use the webmail function with my web browser at my web hotel ( I keep all mail that I want to keep on their server, the rest will be deleted, I never download the mail to my  computer(s).

On my phone I use K-9 (no google shit). K-9 is set to normally only downloading the last 25 mails but I have full access to all my mails always from the phone if I want to.

Even if you download your mail to your pc you can choose to let them be on your web hotel instead instead of deleting them when downloading them, or?
Title: Re: Advice on email-setup
Post by: domicius on 2016/12/27, 20:56:35
I've also had my own domain for a decade now and have long gotten used to catch-all feature with hundreds (now probably thousands) of aliases (i.e. no newsletter or service gets my "personal" email, they all get "their own" alias on my own domain, so if they start spamming or sell my email, I just get rid of the alias - this has worked wonders in the past on several occasions, though I have to admit I no longer actively "remove aliases").

This kind of usage has led me to become dependent on one great Thunderbird addon that, when it went bust, I gradually stopped using desktop email clients altogether.

Now I simply forward all my email to my Gmail account which I can easily access from wherever I wish.
Title: Re: Advice on email-setup
Post by: Geier0815 on 2016/12/29, 00:20:26
My way to handle this, is to let the mails on the server after get them with my home-workstation, but only for 3 days. All mails older than 3 days get deleted from my workstation at my providers mailserver. Mails that don't found the way to my mobile in this time wasn't it worse to stand on the server of my provider. The mobile let the mails on the server, it's only the workstation that decide to delete or not.