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Title: Synaptic
Post by: titan on 2018/11/15, 22:02:52
Whenever Synaptic is mentioned the advice is use apt for package management, which I do but as mentioned in another thread there is one function that I can't find the apt command for, that is to see what new packages have been added to the repro since the last update. While looking for an answer I have discovered wajig it is in the repros (   and is a control line wrapper for apt, dpkg , cache etc it looks interesting and to see what is new just use new command, simple. I am going to give it a try  replacing apt and synaptic see how it goes.
Title: Re: Synaptic
Post by: piper on 2018/11/15, 23:51:57
I've used this before, it's actually been around since 2004, I have just been trying it again