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Title: Microphone not appearing in pavucontrol
Post by: David on 2019/02/18, 17:28:54
My microphone is not appearing in the mixer of pavucontrol (right click on the speaker in the bottom right, click mixer)

The 3.5mm microphone jack is at the back of my motherboard (it is a dedicated microphone jack, not a 2-in-1 heaphone jack).

It works on Windows 10, however I run Windows 10 in UEFI mode and Siduction in BIOS mode (or vice versa- I forget).

When I first installed siduction, the microphone worked but it broke after just a few dist-upgrades.

You guys have been really helpful so far, so I thought I'd ask you. Is this a known bug? Is there a known fix?

Thank you.