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Title: Pipewire?
Post by: sunrat on 2020/09/20, 03:57:17
I just noticed some new Pipewire packages being pulled in with today's d-u. Is this now a mandatory inclusion for Debian going forward?
I read some docs about it and it seems to be trying to address deficiencies in PulseAudio and JACK for unified low-latency media, although PA is quite decent now whereas it took a long time to rectify its initial quirks. I have JACK working quite well in a different media production system too.
It seems like the main focus of Pipewire is to integrate Flatpak media functionality. I'm really averse to any containerised applications and consider them a plague on Linux.
So is Pipewire just another attempt at a standard to standardise all the other standards?

Title: Re: Pipewire?
Post by: seasons on 2020/10/07, 18:33:15
I do not have it installed, so it does not seem to be mandatory for running KDE, at least. Checking rdeps will tell you what pulled it in:

Code: [Select]
apt-cache rdepends libpipewire-0.3-0
Reverse Depends:
Title: Re: Pipewire?
Post by: sunrat on 2020/10/07, 23:34:10
Thanks. I had checked rdepends previously but looked a bit deeper this time and found I had krfb installed. No idea why as I don't use desktop sharing. Purged that and the pipewire packages became autoremovable.
Title: Re: Pipewire?
Post by: devil on 2020/10/08, 23:19:13
PipeWire is mostly meant to ease things with Wayland. It makes Screencasts and Desktop-sharing possible in GNOME and KDE by now and is supposed to be taking over Video and Audio on Linux in the future.