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2020/02/29, 14:53:06


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Software - Support / upgrade fails after nvidia reinstall [solved]
« Last post by turborat on 2020/02/13, 16:27:54 »
   5.5.3-towo.1-siduction-amd64 cinnamon

After a sytem update/upgrade, I tried to reinstall nvidia driver and failed.
Now system boots to a blank (black) screen.
Can someone please help me fix this?
Software Support (EN) / Re: Shortcut to Enter Text
« Last post by finotti on 2020/02/13, 13:24:27 »
Thanks, again, kendrikL for the help!

I did find a solution, using xdotool.  I can make a script and assign it to a keyboard shortcut in KDE.

Here is an example script:
Code: [Select]

sleep 0.3
xdotool key Aacute
xdotool key eacute
xdotool key iacute
xdotool key oacute
xdotool key uacute

Running it enters "Áéíóú".
Software Support (EN) / Re: Shortcut to Enter Text
« Last post by hendrikL on 2020/02/13, 09:59:47 »
Here some screenshots from the keyboard configuration
Software Support (EN) / Re: Shortcut to Enter Text
« Last post by hendrikL on 2020/02/13, 09:36:20 »
Oh yes, didn't read to the end  ::)

I was curios and read the documentation and as far as I understand it doesn't work (that easy?).

You always have to change to the needed keyboard layout, to use that shortcut method to insert a word with non-standard characters!

On my German keyboard it is possible to insert an acute accent like é í è á and so on by typing first "´" then the character.

The keyboard layout is called in this case "German (dead grave acute)".

Maybe you have the possibility to play around with the keyboard layout and variant, like Hardware →Model (in may case on an old laptop to test, with an English keyboard, a x61s) →T61,Layout → English us, Variant → Czech, Slovak and German(US) ←, I get on the 3rd level  an " í ". ( No I am not posting from that test/spare-laptop, but it works by using the caps lock to choose the 3rd level).

Hope that helps a bit.
Drucken >> Bei Status des Druckers auf "Eigenschaften..." >> Im Popup auf den Reiter "Gerät" >> Erstes Pulldown Menü ist "Druckersprache"

Ich wüsste nicht, wo man das umstellen kann, gesehen habe ich noch nichts in der Richtung.

Wenn jedes Programm das ppd-file benutzen würde und dieses Priorität hat, dann müsste ja auch jedes Programm den gleichen Ausdruck liefern. Die individuellen Einstellungen spielen also auf jeden Fall eine Rolle aber warum dann LO trotzdem etwas anderes druckt als es die Druckvorschau zeigt, ist mir unklar.
Ich werde auf jeden Fall mal mit dem ppd-file rumspielen. Danke für den Tip.
Software Support (EN) / Re: Shortcut to Enter Text
« Last post by finotti on 2020/02/12, 23:54:08 »
Thanks for the replies!

@Geier0815: I want to "type" my name with a keyboard shortcut, not paste it.  It does work with plain text, but the problem is the non-standard characters.

@hendrikL: I referred to that example in my post.  As I said, it does work well, but I can't seem to find a way to add an acute accent to the letter i (to produce í).
Software Support (EN) / Re: Shortcut to Enter Text
« Last post by hendrikL on 2020/02/12, 23:42:32 »
I found this, maybe it helps.
It works with words, if it works with pictures /graphics? Who knows.
And if it works in non kde/qt applications ...?

Sorry, but the pics are denglish, I don't know how to switch fully to English on the fly.

Edit: ups, you have to be logged in to see the pics, sorry
Software Support (EN) / Re: Shortcut to Enter Text
« Last post by Geier0815 on 2020/02/12, 20:18:39 »
I'm not shure that I understand your problem the right way. You search for something were you can save your name (with international characters) for copy 'n' paste it?
If so, then you will have a look at knotes, that are virtual sticky notes (in germany called post-it). There you can save your name, hide the note and use it whenever you need.

Or are you looking for something that print your name when ever you use the shortcut? I would expect that this will not work because the most programs have their own shortcuts. But maybe I'm wrong...
Software Support (EN) / [SOLVED] Shortcut to Enter Text
« Last post by finotti on 2020/02/12, 19:53:33 »
This is really nothing important, but I thought I could try asking: I've been trying to find out if there is a way, in KDE or with some simple software, to create a keyboard shortcut to enter some piece of text.  (I want it to enter my name, to be exact.)

Now KDE has in System Settings -> Shortcuts -> Custom Shortcuts -> Examples -> "Type 'Hello'" an example on how to enter text as shortcut.  That would be exactly what I'm looking for, but my problem is my name has international characters (namely, an í) in it, and I can't seem to make it work...

(I type in English 99.9% of the time, and I'd prefer not to switch keyboard layouts just to enter my name and then switch back...)

Again, really minor, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.
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