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2020/11/28, 18:28:46


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Offline ralul

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Hoping for xfce-4.10-pre
« on: 2012/04/02, 12:43:08 »
Every time trying Xfce I was impressed by the performance and responsiveness of that Desktop Environment. But further use of that DE made me stumble upon the various not implemented features I was used to from Kde.

I really hope this list of the next coming Xfce will resolve my issues:

It is an impressive long list ...
It shows the love going into this project, and such long lists of glitches to be solved are the reason why I am pretty unimpressed of ever new DE projects coming around such as razor-qt.
experiencing siduction runs better than my gentoo makes me know I know nothing

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RE: Hoping for xfce-4.10-pre
« Reply #1 on: 2012/04/02, 19:42:41 »
Xfce sure does look quite promising as a good DE for those not enamored of KDE and GNOME or for using on older hardware

As for razor-qt, that's another promising project and still watching it.