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2020/11/28, 08:32:47


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sos save our slackware!
« on: 2012/04/18, 19:30:33 »
Dear siduction buddies,
sos save our slackware!
Bad times with the great slackware.I hope the slackware will survive and keep being alive for a long while.

“The last few days have seen a depressing flurry of forum topics and blog posts about the supposed death of Slackware, evidenced (primarily) by the fact that has been down quite a bit recently (indeed, it is down at the time of this writing). For any other modern distribution, downtime on the site might not mean anything other than some routine maintenance or a glitch, but then, Slackware isn’t most modern Linux distribution”.

 :oops:  :(

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RE: sos save our slackware!
« Reply #1 on: 2012/04/19, 06:10:55 »
Slackware is how I got started with Linux and its a sad shame this is happening to one of the oldest distros in existence

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sos save our slackware!
« Reply #2 on: 2012/04/29, 12:14:54 »
In the article it says:
"and the increasingly expensive economy we live in,"

That is a big problem. For a lot of projects, but also for a lot of humans.As a lot think technologie has got nothing to do with politics and economy, i will stop here. It's just another proof that it  _has_ got a lot to do with politics.