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Author Topic: debian-multimedia.org renamed for not fitting  (Read 6351 times)


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debian-multimedia.org renamed for not fitting
« Reply #15 on: 2012/06/21, 06:24:11 »

I've a suggestion for Christian Marillat to avoid every trouble with debian project in the future:

Get familiar with rpm and ask Packman people to support that team.

I'm sure, this new job would be a more grateful one.

In the past I've used mm-repo, now I do not, but have a few manually downloaded packages in use, appart from that I think a lot of users have this repo active.

Okay, every third party stuff can be dangerous for a proper debian installation but the sid factor also can be dangerous and it seems that a lot of sid users are able to handle booth, the sid factor and Marillat's repo.

German spoken: Da wird auch heißer gekocht als gegessen :-)

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debian-multimedia.org renamed for not fitting
« Reply #16 on: 2012/06/23, 14:16:27 »
Too bad seeing people struggling over nonsense and not joining forces against the real evil...