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kontact / kmail does not start on newly installed system


Hi all,
The programs are KMail and Kontact after a complete reinstallation of a siduction system (plus an initial dist-upgrade) is not usable. It lacks essential packages are not installed. For example, lack the "akonadi-backend-mysql" and the associated MySQL package. The Package "akonadi-backend-sqlite" is installed, but it does not work with Kontact / Kmail.

Verifies that I e.g. with command "akonadictl start", which generates many error messages.

It could certainly also be of advantage if the addition would be built "kdepim" package in the KDE ISO.

EDIT: Text revised again

We have sqlite and akonadi-backend-sqlite preinstalled to avoid the full overhead of mysql-*. I could only guess at the moment, that a preconfig for sqlite is missing. Will look into it.


There is no difference to former releases concerning SQLite and akonadi. Please note that there is a bug in the graphical conf file (akonaditray). It is not possible to restore a valid configuration with SQLite once you set the options to default (Voreinstellungen). You will then have to edit ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc manually.

I have written bug report to insert a global configuration file for akonadi and SQLite, see #755 and http://forum.siduction.org/index.php?msg=18776#18776.

I tested to change the configuration with MySQL-Server into SQLite in Epidemic GNU/Linux (Debian testing based). Unfortunately it is only documented in Portuguese: Configuração leve do akonadi.

I have here kontact and kmail working with SQLite (OneStepbeyond actualized)

Good luck!


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