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Tried to install siduction 12.1.1 x64 to sdb1, sdb2 as home. Good thing I opened a terminal and ran 'df' before proceeding. It had mounted sda1,sda2,sda4, and sdb4 all to /tmp/partinfo-mount (on top of each other) without my permission !! It would have wiped my other OS (mint) and all my data partitions. Ran 'sudo umount', it complained until I found the right order and unmounted last-one-first. Aborted the install.

Separate rant: USB stick won't boot if I use unetbootin. 'dd' works, but it destroys a perfectly good filesystem, and rebuilding that is a PITA. Resolved: if your OS won't boot via unetbootin, it is broken. Non-buntu debians all seem to have these problems.

So debian is broken because it does not work with unetbootin? That's funny.
If you would have looked at our manual, you would have seen that there is a iso2usb to write siduction to a usb stick.

If the installer has the described flaw, that would be a grave bug. Could you please explain exactly what you did to provoke this behaviour?



--- Quote from: "rolandl" ---Resolved: if your OS won't boot via unetbootin, it is broken. Non-buntu debians all seem to have these problems.
--- End quote ---

This is the funnest thing I have heard in years, especially this part Non-buntu debians[/color]

Dude, can you explain in vivid detail, and perhaps a diagram of what the hell a Non-buntu debian[/color] is ?

1) without debian, there would be no such thing as ubuntu, ubuntu is not even binary compatible with debian

2) your problem is solved by doing the following

--- Code: ---apt-get remove --purge ubuntu --forever
--- End code ---

Ubuntu is not representative of the GNU/Linux based desktop OSes.

friends don't let friends install ubuntu

And I would like thank you again for a good laugh with my morning coffee.


hmmm, strong words, @piper.

Ubuntu community is very friendly and helpful, that's clear but that is not the point. The ubuntu hystery in magazins supressed the reputation of other distributors, for ecxample Debian or OpenSUSE.

A lot of users think, Ubuntu creates a lot of measures for Linux. Unity and sudo concept for example measures for Linux? Sorry, that is a kidding joke.

Well, ubuntu is a distribution with a lot of success, and the german boulevard newspaper BILD is a newspaper with a lot of success. :-)

Kind regards,

Hello Holger,
I think Ubuntu has achieved much in the past for Linux, but now Mark Shuttleworth starts to make a big mistake. Ubuntu moves away rapidly from (Debian) Linux standard. An example is Unity or call upstart. Linux on the desktop can only exist for Windows and MacOS only if all distributions pull together.

How do you currently also want the user sees this not very happy because LinuxMint against Ubuntu is becoming much more popular. The users want Linux at no breakthroughs in the development, but cautious progress in the applications.


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