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2020/07/14, 19:19:35


Author [EN] [PL] [ES] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [TR] [SR] [AR] [RU] Topic: java security hole  (Read 8076 times)

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Re: RE: java security hole
« Reply #15 on: 2012/09/03, 07:04:22 »
Quote from: "DeepDayze"
If you still need Java 6 then maybe you should inform the site's admin of the need to upgrade Java

:( They really don't care... we Linux users can be lucky to be allowed to use the site at all... If you want to look into your tax accout you have to either be a Windows user (and use Oracle Java 7 with any browser) or use the Java 6 + Firefox combination. They are absolutely strict and stubborn about that.
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Re: RE: java security hole
« Reply #16 on: 2012/09/03, 09:59:50 »
you talk about german elster tax site?
Is this a hacker site using unsigned java applets?

From the bug:
"This issue was confirmed to allow unsigned applet to bypass Java applet restrictions and run arbitrary code on users' systems."
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