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Solved: dead menuitems in rqt flavour

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Can we either get a complete English translation of this thread or have it moved to the German portion of the forum.

It's not that hard to get a complete translation.


But yes, still annoying ...

The translation from google does a word for word translation, some of which looses meaning and can be difficult to understand the entire meaning of the message. Not to mention it's filed in the wrong place to begin with.

The important words are apt-get install $foo and solved. 5 times the same complains is a little bit to much imho. This is the Bugs section. If you have bugs to report, please do it.

As a developer i'm happy about every report before the release. If the language is english or german it is ok for me. The english part in top of the forum is new to the most of our longterm users so be kind and let it evolve.

The bug is fixed, thanks to the reporters. Thats the only thing that count for me.

Since we are way off topic --- here is also a pretty good translator: http://www.systransoft.com/


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