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Installation not possible when language is Italian


Bug: The last page does not contain the button "save config and install".

When you are on the last page, switch the language to another, e.g. English.
Refresh the page (F5) and the button will be visible (in the selected language).


For installing siduction in Italian, please do these steps before launching the installer:

1. sudo apt-get update

2. sudo apt-get install sidu-installer (to install the latest fixed version of our installer - if there is none already, please change our base repo in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/siduction.list to http://packages.siduction.org/base temporarily and start over with step 1, see http://packages.siduction.org/ for details if needed)

Then the installer should work as expected in Italian.


Thanks to hama for fixing this at once! :)


I tried installing Siduction in Italian without knowing this bug and the workaround recommended by coruja.

I stopped the installation process, rebooted the DVD choosing english language and completed the installation. The first time I launched Siduction I localized KDE in italian.

Every thing in KDE works fine, but when I use the console out of X my italian keyboard is not recognized: Siduction thinks it is an english keyboard.
How can I solve this issue?

I'd like to install in another partition also Siduction with Razor-qt. Have I to update sidu-installer before installing?


No new install is needed. The complete commands to konfigure any language in textual console mode are

[Crtl] + [Alt] + [F1]
login as root
init 3

--- Code: ---# dpkg-reconfigure locales
# dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
# dpkg-reconfigure console-data
# dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

--- End code ---

See further details here

Best wishes

Hi Bequimão, thanks for your reply.

I will try your tip about language configuration in textual console.

--- Quote from: "Bequimão" ---No new install is needed.

--- End quote ---

I am planning to install also Siduction with Razor-qt, in order to test the D.E. Razor-qt, in a partition next to the one which contains Siduction with KDE.
May be also for Siduction with Razor-qt is better to update sidu-installer before installing.


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