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sidu-installer will not start -Xfce-amd64

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The reason of the error is a character set problem. Some info of the disk (e.g. partition label...) contains at least one non ASCII char, which cannot changed to UNICODE.
Therefore this error occurs on some systems, on other not.
This error will be repaired.

Dieser Fehler kommt dadurch, dass mindestens ein Nicht-ASCII-Zeichen in der Diskinfo (z.B. Partitions-Label) vorkommt, und dieses nicht nach UNICODE konvertiert werden kann.
Daher tritt der Fehler in manchen Systemen auf, in anderen nicht.

Thanks for the info.
What can I do to correct the mistake?
(In the meantime, he is being treated in 3 places here in the forum)

Danke für die Info.
Was kann ich zur Behebung des Fehler tun?
(In der Zwischenzeit wird er an 3 Stellen hier im Forum behandelt)

If this affects you, you can only use cli-installer or wait for a fixed iso (gonna be some days)


@unklarer and @all: Don't use f***ing umlauts in any label or name until this issue is fixed - this hint applies to all languages with characters other then ascii

The error is corrected in version 2014.01.01

--- Code: ---apt-get update ; apt-get install sidu-installer

--- End code ---

Command to ensure the version:

--- Code: ---apt-cache policy sidu-installer

--- End code ---


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