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USB Live Installer on RC not working


Hi all,

trying the USB Live Installer just provides me a shell window with the following message:

--- Code: ---Warning: Could not find 'install-usb-gui.bash', starting '/bin/bash' instead.  Please check your profile settings.


--- End code ---

So, it dos not really seem to work on my box.[/code]

I think the reason is simple - try this as root

Hi melmarker,

How can I do start the Live-Usb-Installer from the Live-CD (DVD) as root?

Should be a EDIT - but now that way:

I think the reason is simple - the gui is not installed, because relatively unmaintained. So we decided to put that gui away. One can install the gui with apt-get. If broken, bad luck - we accept patches, a new maintainer would be herby welcome.

I'll go to check the fll-iso2usb here, as the Live-Installer does not come to work...even after install of "install-usb-gui".


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