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plain-coloured siduction desktop BG



I did a very simple, plain BG.

Maybe you like it more noticeable:

I asked convbsd to include it to the xorg.iso he is working on. I am proposing it as an optional always-fit-version for those who like simple BGs (users like me) and if you like it I am willing to cut it to all the resolutions needed. And I would do different plain-coloured versions (red, green, black, white, orange,...).

I don't mind having release artwork for splash and login, whatever someone created. I even like it to be reminded which release I use each time I login, but when I see my desktop, it has to be plain and simple.

This BG is derived from the siduction logo. But I couldn't find it's licence. The BG of course has the same.

Greatly done by you. I also believe that simple is perfect. Going complicated can create problems.

Thanks, my first and only fan.


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