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Author Topic: [EN] (solved) Nvidia 900 Series Support  (Read 3555 times)

Offline terroreek

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[EN] (solved) Nvidia 900 Series Support
« on: 2014/12/27, 04:17:03 »
Hi All,

So I got my self a new Nvidia GTX 970 video card but, I am seeing that the 340 series drivers are in the repos.  However the 343 drivers are required for the 900 series gpus.

Before I go hang myself, what do you all recommend is the best route to go, install the drivers from Nvidia and just run the .sh file, use smxi scripts or just do an apt-get install nvidia-driver -t experimental, as experimental has the 343 drivers. 

I believe if I go smxi or the nvidia installer, I have to run each after a kernel upgrade. 
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Re: Nvidia 900 Series Support
« Reply #1 on: 2014/12/27, 06:35:02 »
sure you can use smxi - our support ends in this case - but h2 will proudly support you :)

you could try the experimental driver - or talk to towo in IRC
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Re: Nvidia 900 Series Support [solved]
« Reply #2 on: 2014/12/30, 05:48:34 »
Just as an Update, I was able to successfully upgrade my Nvidia drivers with the siduction experimental repo, which contained the correct driver.  I just upgraded the drivers and swapped out the video card.