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2021/01/22, 18:02:27


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libaudit1 usrmerge
« on: 2016/07/02, 01:06:00 »
I read up on the bug(s) Bugs 828991 829110 828992 on libauth1 and have it on hold.  It is not the easiest reading, but my non-expert opinion is that upgrading to libauth1 is safe as long as /usr is in /   If I am wrong, please inform me. 

Reading more I had to look up usrmerge.  Interesting stuff

peace out

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Re: libaudit1 usrmerge
« Reply #1 on: 2016/07/02, 01:33:10 »
And you really know what you talking about? Really?
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Re: libaudit1 usrmerge
« Reply #2 on: 2016/07/02, 03:33:43 »
Hello paxmark2,

plain debian systems support mounting /usr from the initramfs,
so the issue applies to systems that don't use an initrd (e.g. mips).
The siduction installer doesn't suggest a separate /usr partition.

The changelog of systemd 230-5 mentions #828991
  * debian/rules: Ignore in the "does anything link against /usr"
    check, to work around libaudit1 recently gaining a new dependency against
    that library (#828991). We have no influence on that ourselves. This fixes
    the FTBFS in the meantime.

so the dependency is gracefully ignored

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