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2020/08/14, 16:22:22


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Great LXQT !
« on: 2016/08/18, 17:21:52 »
Hi all, I have been using the Siduction LXQT for 6 months now. I can say it is probably the best distro I ve had running on my HP 2530p. And I have tested at least 30-40. in terms of memory usage and responsiveness its definitely one of the best out there.I have had the Manjaro and SParkies Lxqt but for some reason I did not find them as flexible as the siduction one.I currently use LXqt as my daily distro and keep an instance of the Antergos Gnome 3.20 which in my view is the best gnome implementation of the whole  bunch - bar the memory hog which is typical of all Gnome distros even with 4 Gigs of RAM.
However with LXQT I ve had  some minor problems along the way which I managed to fix by myself. Great job and keep up the good work! Expecting  Lxqt 0.11 !

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Re: Great LXQT !
« Reply #1 on: 2016/08/19, 08:59:46 »
Hi bokoto, always nice to hear when a distro is working well for someone. As you wrote:
... However with LXQT I ve had  some minor problems along the way which I managed to fix by myself. ...
It would be very nice for others (and the maintainer might pick up something) if you could do a short summary writeup in this thread what minor problems you had and how you fixed them ;)
Thank and greetings
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Re: Great LXQT !
« Reply #2 on: 2016/08/19, 16:50:27 »
I have a better  idea - we should use bokoto as guinea pig for lxqt-snapshots - if the most problems should be gone with the latest packages. 8)

Btw - no offense some of our developers (LXQt) and myself using the latest git snapshots too.
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