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2021/01/22, 15:55:58


Author [EN] [PL] [ES] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [TR] [SR] [AR] [RU] Topic: KDE on phone?  (Read 1437 times)

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KDE on phone?
« on: 2016/11/06, 00:58:46 »

Offline titan

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Re: KDE on phone?
« Reply #1 on: 2016/11/06, 15:31:20 »
I love Linux but since KDE  and Qt5 seem to spend most of their  time broken to some extent I would not want to use it on my phone until it works, which given their history may be some time.

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Re: KDE on phone?
« Reply #2 on: 2016/11/06, 20:22:21 »
If KDe and Qt is broken most of the time, then I earn my complete income on a broken desktop environment. But I agree that Plasma Mobile is in early stages, but seems promising, at least to me. Ubuntu Touch is barely usable after a couple years of developement (I tested 2015 and 2016), so we should cut KDE some slack here :)