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Re: will not install
« Reply #15 on: 2018/03/12, 01:19:50 »
Sorry - hadn't read this  earlier - only my opinion, not with my moderator hat on - in IRC i had likely kicked and banned such "guests". It is not (or better) it must not be our job to play nice with assholes.
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Re: will not install
« Reply #16 on: 2018/03/12, 13:07:51 »
@melmarker that is 100% true.  With new members from (possibly) any culture on earth, I like to be a little tolerant until the doubt is fully removed. This one didn't take too long to show his stripes.
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Re: will not install
« Reply #17 on: 2018/03/15, 12:21:59 »

This is probably the wrong place to post this, so please move it if deemed necessary, but I'm posting here in the hope that the person responsible for this forums 'security' may read it, as emails seem to fall on deaf ears.
I have been a member of all the relevant forums since the Kanotix days and used all the distributions as my daily driver, coming to the forum mostly to fix any problems I come across and to check it was safe to upgrade ;)
A few months ago I tried to login and was informed I was banned permanently with no way of undoing it. I then emailed the forum twice asking for some kind of explanation but recieved no reply. I had only ever posted once on a different forum (Sidux) under the same username and so felt extremely frustrated at this point I have to admit...
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I managed to find Devils email address and he very helpfully told me that because my email was on this list and that somehow apparently totally unrelated email logins had been compromised elsewhere, on a completely different server, then I have been automatically been banned from Siductions forum.. Wow!
Not only that but my home IP address was blacklisted and even the VPN I use (because I'd tried to login from both IP addresses)
That wasn't so bad for me, as I said I've only ever posted once before and on another forum anyway (Sidux), but I couldnt even 'read' this forum any longer because both IP addresses were banned completely and I couldnt see the forum at all.
Devil was very helpful and after a short correspondence he managed to unban my IP addresses and so I was able to come here once again and at least read any warnings. All good, no need to panic anymore and I could upgrade in confidence ;)
This morning I upgraded my laptop and I now find the windows will not expand to fill my desktop fully, after openbox had been updated, and so I came here to ask if anybody knew why.. Tried to register a new account and was once again told I was banned forever without recourse of action..
Luckily I just happened to have a spare VPS, so I installed another openvpnserver and after using that I have now been able to register this account successfully here today.
Now I'm all for security and trying to make the internet a safer place and all that, but I think the policy deployed by this forum is bordering on the ridiculous frankly and I have never come across such extreme measures anywhere else! Maybe I've lead a sheltered life though, I don't know..!?
Because one of my email addresses is listed on does not mean that I use the same password for every forum I register with and that ALL of my accounts across the internet have been compromised.
You assume that I am ignorant of computer security myself and I personally find that somewhat patronizing.
This is a niche forum with not many users, relative to other sites, and so I have to ask myself just what it is exactly you are afraid of?
A Nigerian prince, l33t haxxor or maybe just Veeagra salespeople?
Overzealous security is worse than no security at all in my personal opinion. There are many other ways to protect your servers than inconveniencing your users in such a harsh brutal manner.
Yes ban accounts if you think that's relevant, but please email the user to inform him/her and don't just ban the IP addresses completely. Many people share an IP adress and that's just overkill in this case manner!
Anyway the whole thing stinks in my opinion, and so after much thought and consideration (and many years!) I've decided I'm done with this project and I'm moving on.
I've been lurking for years with some of you guys and I probably wont find another distro with such genuinely nice people, but at least I'll be able to read the bleedin forums without setting up a new vpn server every 5 minutes!
Cheers :)

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Re: will not install
« Reply #18 on: 2018/03/15, 13:58:14 »

Sorry to hear, you are having these problems. At the moment I have no idea what happened here. But to put your experience in relation: I can't remember any other user with these kinds of problems. Our security settings are plain average, nothing really special. Would you tell me what user name was involved in this lasst misshap, so I can look into it?

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Re: will not install
« Reply #19 on: 2018/03/15, 14:11:10 »
Might be a waste of time on your part devil, piper tried to tell him that is was not him personally but the way he is getting here and he did not want to hear it! just my 2 cents worth.  ;)


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Re: will not install
« Reply #20 on: 2018/03/15, 18:20:18 »
This is a different guy. And he is gone.
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