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Offline sqlpython

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Tips & Tricks: Firefox/IceWeasel Speed Up...
« on: 2012/03/12, 01:33:42 »
IceWeasel/ Firefox has a bottle neck.
To speed it up.....

Open your Firefox and type about:config at URL address bar and hit enter.
 Again in the URL field Search for each..

To make a False into True, select the line to change, and double click or Right click and choose Toogle. On the 2nd option change, right click and select Modify

- network.http.pipelining > Make it True

- network.http.pipelining.maxrequests > Make it 8 or 10

- network.http.proxy.pipelining > Make it True

- network.dns.disableIPv6 > Make it True

Offline mash

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Re: Tips & Tricks: Firefox/IceWeasel Speed Up...
« Reply #1 on: 2018/05/31, 12:53:19 »
slowed everything down from 15GBit/sec to 2GBit/sec

when it was hard to write it should be hard to read

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Re: Tips & Tricks: Firefox/IceWeasel Speed Up...
« Reply #2 on: 2018/06/03, 04:18:16 »
This post was made in 2012.  The instructions were for a completely different Firefox/Iceweasel. I believe within those six years it was completely rewritten.  So, it must have an all new list of problems/fixes now.
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