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2019/05/27, 05:36:15


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Dell XPS13
« on: 2018/12/08, 00:08:53 »
I'm new here so probably telling you all something you already know.  Just installed siduction on my laptop and it's brilliant.  Unbelievably fast and all the shortcut F keys work just as they would on Windows.  Initial impressions from a Debian user going back to Potato are that this is an outstanding OS.  Thanks.

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Re: Dell XPS13
« Reply #1 on: 2018/12/08, 00:19:12 »
Welcome howieb2001 !! ☺

Glad your enjoying siduction and thanks for the kind words :P

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Re: Dell XPS13
« Reply #2 on: 2018/12/11, 19:02:47 »
I also have an XPS13, older model, from three years ago. Works like a charme!The only think, that was painful is flashing the bios some years ago, since I had to reeinstall Windows to do that.I am not sure if its possible now to do so with linux, I read something, taht discover can do it now.