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I am getting old and the single click is giving me grief.


I think it is just my age, but now i am having a lot of trouble with what I want is a single click or a highlight tool and it is ending up with sometimes as many as five instances starting, I am tired of seeing five kates when all I want is one. As for using the mouse as a highlighter it is turning out to be more a dragger. I would like to be able to copy and paste without half of it ending up in a different part of the sentence, usually in the middle of the word.Slowing down the double click has not been the answer.

hmm...I had such troubles a time ago and it turned out that my mouse was the aging part. The contacts bounced, hit once, the gave a few pulses out.

I had the same problem with an otherwise good laser mouse (with a second mouse from me and a third mouse from a former girlfriend also, the same model).

Sometimes I had to press hard, sometimes the button bounced.

I disassembled it countless times, glued something on it, took it away again, put a drop of ethanol into the micro switch (You can try it, but let it dry!). It worked for a few months at a time.

The only thing that really helped was a new mouse.

I should have done this long ago. It was a mose issue. Got a new one and everything is happy.


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