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Installation on Lenovo 720s
« on: 2019/04/01, 04:03:26 »
I have a lenovo 720s laptop -- I read an article that says if I want dual boot windoze and linux, i will need to change the BIOS SATA controller mode from RAID to AHCI for linux and back to RAID if i want to boot windoze.  Does this make sense? I haven't tried to install on this laptop yet -- it seems a lot of trouble to change BIOS setting before booting the system

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Re: Installation on Lenovo 720s
« Reply #1 on: 2019/04/01, 08:18:29 »
Were? Here?

I don't believe this stuff.

There have been UEFI versions (and this ist UEFI, not BIOS) that haven't had an AHCI option, only the RAID option that is absurd at this point. You couldn't install Linux with it. Later versions corrected this for several models.

AHCI is the right mode. For Linux and Windows.

But you have to disable Fast Boot mandatory for Dualboot Win/Lx. In the UEFI settings and in Windows:
  • Push the super button!
  • Run cmd as administrator!
  • Execute: "powercfg /h off"
  • Reboot or shut down!
You must also disable Secure Boot to use unsigned software (nvidia, VBox GuestAdditions).

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Re: Installation on Lenovo 720s
« Reply #2 on: 2019/04/02, 00:45:09 »
If Windows is already installed in IDE or RAID mode you can to change its registry to boot in AHCI mode. I did this in Win 7 but apparently Win 10 can do it more automatically as long as you set it to boot in  safe mode before changing the UEFI/BIOS setting:
Or to do it manually in Win 7 or Win 10:

I've seen advice recently that it shouldn't matter whether it's set to AHCI or RAID, but also recent posts at Debian forums which claim it does matter. YMMV.

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Re: Installation on Lenovo 720s
« Reply #3 on: 2019/04/05, 23:32:22 »
On my 720 the siduction boot images 18.3 does'nt boot. ends up in a "black screen of death". The Same with debian 9.6 and LMDE Cindy,  LinuxMint with Ubuntu source, and Manjaro do well.
I Think if you have to ask in IRC for a new Installmedium .With new Kernel it will work. I dont like IRC, so my 720 runs Manjaro wirh Cinnamon DE.
The Configuration of the Dispaly is a little tricky because of the high resolution of the Laptop. If you want it simple stay by 1920x1080. With full resolution some software like the dropbox in tray have unreadable little fonts.

Edit: sorry have misread you post! My Laptop is Yoga 720 not Ideapad 720s
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