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2019/02/18, 11:11:10


Author [EN] [PL] [ES] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [TR] [SR] [AR] [RU] Topic: warning! today upgrade will remove without asking your nvidia 390xx driver!!  (Read 591 times)

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Thanks dibl, once again let the facts speak for themselves in that I should keep my advise for my own use.  :-[
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Again the advise:

use apt instead of apt-get


apt upgrade == apt-get upgrade --install-new-pkgs

This will avoid the drift @dibl mentioned.
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Your problem with nvidia drivers and I quote

The reason of my post was a package from nvidia which replaced partially 390xx drivers without possibility to stop that

This is due to the fact you used apt upgrade

Let this be a lesson to you

If you want to carry on with the way you are using apt, at least do

Code: [Select]
apt update; apt upgrade -s
and you have to compare that with

Code: [Select]
apt update; apt full-upgrade -s

Code: [Select]
apt upgrade --install-new-pkgs -smelmarker beat me on this one

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I was using apt (not apt-get) and so new packages would have been installed. The only difference to full-upgrade is that no packages are removed.

I am slightly confused. The drift dibl has mentioned cannot be the reason because new packages are accepted. I haven't made a snapshot before I ran into trouble but I am nearly sure it was a dependency of my installed packages... Otherwise there would have been more such issue reports!