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This post is ADVICE, and contains NO THREATS WHATSOEVER.

If you believe that I am threatening you, then go ahead and ban me. I will be able to return to the site and post again in LESS THAN AN HOUR. I am trying to teach you how you can prevent problems from OTHER PEOPLE, NOT ME. READ THE WHOLE POST!!! If you want to ban this account after you finish reading because I'm "an information threat" or whatever, then go ahead. Understand, of course, that this is little more than a rude gesture.

Talking primarily about you, Melmarker. Don't ban people who write meaningful posts on the siduction forums. If they don't look like a bot, and they're at least ON TOPIC then you shouldn't ban them. I imagine most people will be fine if you delete a post they write as long as you PM them why you did it and act really nice about it.

No, really. What happens to the siduction forums if you ban somebody with a botnet and a temper? Your site goes down for a month. Not good. I'd never do such a thing, of course, but keep banning people and you'll find one. (Again, reminder: I don't have a botnet, I'm not saying I could DDoS this place, but getting that ability is well within the reach of all long-term Siduction users).

Your bans are a complete joke. Even if you permaban someone, IP ban and all, there is nothing stopping them from rebooting their router and coming back with a 10 minute mail email account. If you permaban someone from the site, all that means for the user is "click the 'new address' button on 10 minute mail and flick my lag switch on and off".

Again, due to your poor security, there is another risk you have:

The MAJORITY of people on this forum are either programmers or do programming in the course of their work. I'm sure it'd be TRIVIAL for most people on this forum to write a bot which instantly filled up every single topic on the forums with thousands of random posts filled with gobblety gook. That's not a threat, that's a prediction of what's going to happen if you continue your crappy practices. You're going to piss off the wrong guy (and "the wrong guy" is probably 1/10 of the people here) and your whole site will get fucked.

Melmarker, the majority of your power as an an admin on these forums is in your influence. The people on this forum hold you in high regard because you help a lot of people, and you are valuable to them. The MOMENT that you are no longer valuable to one of these people, and that you've made them angry, you roll a die. Is the person you pissed off technically skilled enough to plot a revenge? 60/40. Do they control their temper? 50/50. Do they feel vengeful or do they just want help on the forums? 50/50.

don't pull a gun at a gun show.

I would like to give you some heads-up, by the way, so that you can improve your technology:
1) You should google "10 minute mail" and "temporary email" and prevent users from registering emails from all those domains which give out such email addresses.
2) You should get some level of DDoS protection if you can
3) There should be some spam-prevention abilities
4) You should alter your ban messages and ban description so as to calm down any potential revenge-plotters. Revenge plotters are your BIGGEST RISK on the forums, not some dude who uses the F word in a post under upgrade warnings, ONCE, such as myself.

I am never going to attempt to destroy siduction forums, because I love this place, but I'm not going to let you ban me either, and I'm not gonna let you destroy the place with your incompetence.

You're welcome.


This is not the conversational tone we appreciate in this forum !!  >:(


The boy's got a wheel off and I'm in favor of delete his crap out. 

What the fuck

I have been on the internet before the days of web browsers and just when you think you've seen it all

one flies out of the the cuckoo's nest

You want us to believe your over the age of 14/15

I for one won't delete this post as of yet as I think embarrassment suits you better for a few hours

You come here to our forum to get help and ask questions.
YOU are the petitioner who wants something from the experts here.
Therefore you should behave politely and not like an axe in the forest.
Such a rudes behavior one experiences really rarely.

And there is a saying that says: You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

BTW how do you know which people make up the forum members?  Stay on the ground and stay polite

jm 2 ct


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