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We need input

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G+ will start shutting down tomorrow. The siduction community there will go down with it. We need your input, if you want a community channel in social media or not. I mean one with real participation and discussions that meke the work I put into this worthwhile :)

G+ wird morgen mit dem Herunterfahren der Plattform beginnen. Die siduction Community dort wird mit untergehen. Wir brauchen euren Input, ob ein Community-Kanal in Social Media gew├╝nscht wird oder nicht. Ich meine eine mit echter Beteiligung und Diskussionen, die die Arbeit, die von mir dort hineingeht, lohnt.

I am one of those silent G+ participants and I am not sure if it needs another platform, as you provide already this forum & IRC channels. But maybe users who have nothing to do with the development of Siduction feel more comfortable with a platform like a Telegram group or similar. I for example like this group: . There you meet users with or without special skills.

This forum is enough for me.  IRC if I get desperate. 


--- Quote from: dibl on 2019/04/01, 12:44:12 ---This forum is enough for me.  IRC if I get desperate. 

--- End quote ---

I agree with  @dibl

Same here. Dont need any social media thingy


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