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Any recommendations for a fully supported siduction laptop?


I need recommendations for a sub $1000 laptop that has dedicated graphics and, preferably one that's mostly fully compatible with bleeding edge kernels.
It also should have at least a quad-core cpu, expandable memory and either decent nvidia or amd graphics and good cooling. Also a nice non-locked down uefi is a plus but optional.

Do you have your life under control or do you always miss the mark?   ;D


--- Quote from: epoch32 ---laptop (...) dedicated graphics (...)  good cooling
--- End quote ---

They're mutually exclusive.

--- Quote from: epoch32 ---dedicated graphics (...) compatible with bleeding edge kernels.
--- End quote ---

They're mutually exclusive (at least with Nvidia).

You should consider what you really want and whether siduction is the right distribution for it.

I want siduction because well, I like debian and siduction seems like a nice sid based distro as it has updated kernels and well, the main stuff being based on debians main repos(except for kernels and fixes) I have seen laptops with gtx 1650 gpus and quadcore i5 and i7s which are my baseline target but i'm concerned about the uefi on these systems and if the critical stuff like power management is supported on recent kernels.


Personally, I would start my research with System 76.  But I don't know that $1,000 is enough to satisfy your requirements.


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