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Network not connecting to upgrade new installation of Lxqt


Can't seem to get a new installation of Lxqt to gain internet access to upgrade the system or search for help. The desktop shows a network connection with activity but for some reason I an not able to go out through the connection. Don't know where or what went wrong during my installing and really have no idea where to start to fix it. It's the latest ISO build from 25.08.2019 on the build site, I'm trying to set it up on a virtual KVM machine my KDE and Xfce systems are working without problems. just need advise on where to look, thanks.

Dug down into the configuration on my network and found the problem in the routing tables as I could ping other machines on the system but not the internet. Anyway the issue has been resolved,sorry I didn't dig deeper before asking for help.  :-[


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