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Moving siduction sites and services to a new machine

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Hi, i'm right now move our sites and services from our ten years old machine to a new big virtual server - so if anything don't work, don't be affraid, i just destroyed it - if it don't work after a day or two leave me a message or ping me in IRC. Thanks.

Hi, momentan ziehe ich grad Webseiten und Services von unserem 10 Jahre alten Server auf eine neue gro├če VM - falls etwas nicht funktioniert, war ich das. Wenn es nach ein oder zwei Tagen immer noch nicht funktioniert, bitte mich anpingen. Danke.


Good luck, be careful, fingers crossed here.  And THANKS for your work for siduction.


It's not as bad as it sounds - the machine is a 10core VM with about 50G RAM - so a fine machine to run a host for several LXC containers managed by LXD. This approach simplifies the work dramatically - one container, one service. The only thing that drives me crazy: Damn, why was this not invented ten years ago :P - ok, there was linux containers in an early version ...

EDIT: The nice thing about is that we can afterwards modernize our things step by step, just if needed - without having to care that other things break - maybe a new PHP, maybe a new $foo which would break other sites - and the work can be done step by step, ok we should take care not to break some relations between services, but what would the life be without a bit fun. Ofcourse all the things are carefully documented in the past - at least we have the working configurations ...
So what should go wrong :D

Interesting -- so many things Linux can do, that I know nothing about:

dibl: quick test: Have fun.


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