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Mounting external USB disks fails under xfce / thunar


Since about two years, after performing many many upgrades since the sidux/aptosid period, I cannot any more mount external drives (hard disks or USB sticks) by clicking on the xfdesktop icon or via thunar. I just get "Not authorized to perform operation", but that's insufficient for me to find out what's going on. Things work (not so surprisingly) by editing /etc/fstab and mounting via the command line in a terminal, so this is not a severe problem, just a bit annoying.  I suspect something is wrong or missing in the policykit or udisks2 settings, but in spite of an extensive search through these files, I have not been able to find an appropriate solution ... Any clue ?

xfce is in transition - so i would just be patient for some days


Thanks for the quick response !I should perhaps have added that the problem occurred long before the transition to xfce-4.14. Strangely enough, there was an intermediate step where I could mount but not umount ... But maybe indeed the new xfce-4.14 settings will clear the undesirable parameters ...


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