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[SOLVED] Kernel 5.2.11, Logitech HD C920 USB Webcam is suddenly a problem


An HD C920 Webcam that I have had for a couple of years has been problem-free until this new kernel.  The boot hangs for a long time, spitting the same errors -- I did not wait to find out how long or if it would ever finish booting.  With the camera unplugged (as it is now), I can boot and run 5.2.11-towo-1-siduction-amd64 with no errors.  Log errors attached.

Same problem here sometimes with my C270 - should be a driver issue and is there for some times - no clue how i fixed it.

Please try the next kernel, which is building at the moment, there is USB_CONFIGFS_F_UVC set, which is needed for USB Webcam support. Maybe i have lost that setting sometimes.

Yes, booted 5.2.11-2 and there is no issue with the webcam connected.

Thanks, towo!


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