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How to replace windows 10 with siduction ?

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Hi ,     I am new here , I have a desktop computer with windows 10 , and want to replace it with siduction . Please can you help me ?                            Thanks                                       Sadegh

Do you have any prior Linux knowledge? If so, with what distribution and to what extent?

What exactly do you want explained?


* Save your important personal data (pictures, documents...) on an external data storage medium!
* Get rufus!
* Get a siduction image with the desired desktop environment, e.g. LXQt: siduction-patience-lxqt-amd64-latest.iso (2 GiB!)! patience, not experimental, not paintitblack.
* Use rufus to drag the image onto a USB stick! Note if you want to install with CSM/MBR or UEFI/GPT!
* Disable secure boot in UEFI! Boot siduction from stick and install it!
devil's question is legitimate. If you don't have any knowledge about Linux, another Linux distribution might be better for you.

Thanks all !After 18 years using ubuntu and later debian , I am looking for a debian rolling distribution with xfce . The best candidate seems Siduction linux . 

You should use the following image:

If you run into problems, you can also visit us on IRC (link is on the desktop). We are available in European timezone


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