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Testing Linux 5.4-rcX

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Ich habe vor wenigen Minuten Kernel 5.4-rc4 in unser Experimental Repo hochgeladen.
Wer mutig ist, sollte diesen Kernel testen, damit wir möglichst vor dem offiziellen Release etwaige Probleme
finden und beheben können.
Bekannt ist:

VBox benötigt einen Patch
Nvidia 435.21 benötigt einen Patch
Vmware benötigt Patches


A few minutes ago I uploaded kernel 5.4-rc4 to our Experimental Repo.
If you are brave, you should test this kernel, so that we can solve any problems before the official release.
and fix it.
Known is: 

VBox needs a patch
Nvidia 435.21 needs a patch
Vmware needs patches

I would like to test this kernel but after searching the forum and online I cannot see any proper instructions as to how to apply the patch for nvidia 435.21.

I have tried some of the answers on the forum for various kernel problems but they do not seem to apply to using this patch properly.

After 24 hours of trying I have to admit defeat and realise I need help.

I love to learn about linux, like all of us do, and would be very grateful if a more experienced user has the time to explain the procedure as to how to apply and use the patch properly.

I am sure there are many members of the forum who would also like to learn how to do it but are a little nervous of asking.

thanks in anticipation


--- Quote from: pjnsmb ---how to apply the patch for nvidia 435.21.
--- End quote --- is the best address for problems with proprietary Nvidia drivers.

thanks for your help

looking at the website you recommended I see the same patch available but cannot see any  instructions as to how to apply the patch, which was my original request.

catchwords: how to patch nvidia driver linux


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