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What time zone is the forum in I have just posted, forum says 22,31,  local time here  (uk) is 08.31 so Germany is 09.31 USA 00.31 -03.21

The forum is in the time zone Europe/Berlin.

Time zones, which I need to know, I display on the desktop with Conky.

the code:
--- Code: ---...
Boot: ${alignr}${execi 86400 who -b | cut -c23-}
New York         ${alignr}${tztime America/New_York %H:%M}
Buenos Aires     ${alignr}${tztime America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires %H:%M}
Kastoria         ${alignr}${tztime Europe/Athens %H:%M}
--- End code ---

titan, perhaps you might want to look in your forum user account under 'design & layout', there are settings for time shift between forum server and your local time

Thanks, fixed. It does say auto detect which defaults to cet if no figure is entered, no idea why mine had -11 hour offset, I had never looked at profile page.

That's strange, you're supposed to find the timezone when registering an account on the forum, but I'm glad you could fix it.


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