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There have been a few interesting articles recently about why X server is no longer being developed, example here . So I thought it may be time to look at Wayland but a search on this forum and online doesn't reveal much enthusiasm for the change. So is anyone running Wayland with Siduction and Plasma or provide a link to doing so, I didn't find anything  recent, mostly articles a few years old

I was running wayland with Sway   on i386 on an atom with straight debian unstable on a SDHC and was enjoying.  Torrenting, vpn to get CBC radio to line out, light web browsing.   But  keyboard and other things just falling apart, 10 y.o is getting old.   If I pick up a small 5 y.o laptop I will definitely go with sway again and wayland.

I used i3 for years as my main desktop but have been back on Plasma for a couple of years now and would like to use that now with Wayland. From what info I can find it mostly seems to work OK , certainly with Gnome, but I was looking for some feedback for anyone that's tried or is running it now.


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