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Online devil

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Donation-Sprint, Week 2
« on: 2012/02/13, 23:35:17 »
I am happy to say that today i had a look at our donation-account. In the paat 2 weeks, you have donated €871.00. That means, at halftime, we alsmost have reached the amount we need for a basic stock of merchandise. Donations came in charges from €20 to €150.

Thank you very much so far for that!

If you will be so kind to go on donating, we might be able to also build a little box based on an atom board with a fanless closure and a monitor plus a flightcase to ship it around. That would prevent, we always have to risk our private hardware to equip a booth accordingly.

So, keep the money coming. Thank you.


Offline GoinEasy9

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RE: Donation-Sprint, Week 2
« Reply #1 on: 2012/02/14, 05:43:08 »
Great news, I hope everyone continues reaching into their pockets, even the smallest donations help.
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Offline jp

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BIC incorrect
« Reply #2 on: 2012/02/14, 09:29:58 »
The BIC for international transfer on the donations-page is not valid. Correct is BIC: BRLADE21LZO