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2020/10/28, 11:47:39


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Ok, you can't code, but you still might be able to write a bug report for Debian's sake

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distrowatch: News: Debian users report fewer bugs,
« Reply #1 on: 2012/10/22, 23:47:57 »
the rate at which new bug reports are submitted has been dropping for approximately six years.
concerns that interest in Debian ... is waning.
Here are my points:

For the next wheezy release there was a "multiarch" decission at a time when shortly after it was obsoleted by x32 on amd64 architecture. This "multiarch" gives advantages for just a handful of proprietary software. Nothing more. But it complicates the software management.

Look at the "experimental" repository: It is a kind of a waste paper basket for software not fitting into the distribution. But in the time of a freeze -like now- it is the last resort to put new software releases. But we users cannot be sure what of these packages can be installed together.

If Debian decides to take the "upstart" direction, this will need a fork of the mainline linux kernel: Look how many patches of the linux source the "upstart" system needs for ubuntu-12.10 !
experiencing siduction runs better than my gentoo makes me know I know nothing