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Author Topic: [EN] Forum improvements  (Read 5129 times)

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[EN] Forum improvements
« on: 2013/11/07, 17:43:50 »
please bare with me when I moderate this strictly - and I will.
I want to take your input and integrate it into this posting, with (intermediate) results, timeframe, and all things that have already been done.
Please post your opinions and proposals below, no discussions here please, I would suggest opening new threads for that.

On Hold
- a high contrast layout for the visually impaired
        will be added once the startup problems of the new forum have been dealt with
- floating design, reponsive design
        will probably come with SMF 2.1 (unknown timeframe) if someone can help with it, it may come earlier.

* rewrites for old external links * in work
* Check and complete translations
* Tagging for topics (asap)
        green checkmark
        red exclamation mark
        get rid of smileys

* new options for the usermenu (done)
* thank-you-button (done)
* My Posts and others (done)
* simplified tp-login (done)
* search and adv, search in forum.siduction.org (done)
* links in forum.siduction.org (done) - many thanks to ayla for the help
* Names SubBoards (done)
* Design SubBoards (done)
* Schreiben -> Posten (done) - thanks, bluelupo
* remove prev/next (done) - thanks spacepenguin and dibl
* enable spellchecking - thanks to vilde
* simple text-editor default - thanks spacepenguin
* get it -> download - thanks lanzi and spacepenguin
* new 'new' icon for top-boards -thanks GoinEasy9

Won't fix
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Re: Forum improvements
« Reply #1 on: 2013/11/09, 00:58:16 »
Can you please make the font used for the posts bigger or less condensed? It's a pain to read. I use a 110% size in chromium and still the font is very unpleasant. I enlarged everything to next step 125%, it's a bit too big but the quotes are still tiny condensed.
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